In its product offer, Lovćen banka AD offers a wide variety of bank guarantees to ensure easier and safer operations of its clients with third parties


Nostro guarantees (domestic bank issues all types of guarantees to foreign partners based on customer requirements) and Loro guarantees (foreign bank issues all kinds of guarantees at the request of foreign partners in favor of clients of domestic banks).


Choose the guarantee that best suits the needs of your company:

  • Tender guarantee - the bank guarantee to cover the damages up to the guarantee amount, which the investor (customer, purchaser) would have in case the bidder, whose bid was accepted as the best, would fail to enter into a contract or fail to provide a performance guarantee;
  • Performance guarantees - such bank guarantee whereby the bank undertake to the guarantee beneficiary (investor, customer, purchaser) to pay the guaranteed amount if the debtor (service provider, vendor) fails to fulfil its contractual obligations;
  • Advance payment guarantee - the bank guarantee whereby the bank undertakes to guarantee to pay the guaranteed amount to the guarantee beneficiary in the event that his debtor (supplier, contractor, vendor) under the basic contract fails to fulfil its contractual obligations for which advance payment was made or otherwise fails to return the advance.


Lovćen banka AD also offers all types of customs guarantees, payment guarantees, deposit retention guarantees, as well as all sorts of counter-guarantees or any guarantees that accompany the purchase contracts, works contracts, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Security instruments:
  • Bills of exchange
  • Authorizations for collection from account
  • Deposits and
  • Other security instruments
 * The Bank reserves the right to accept an alternative security instrument if found acceptable and in line with the Bank's business policy.