Advice for card use

Dear cardholders of Lovćen Bank,

You are probably already convinced that paying by payment cards is a kind of comfort. In the world of modern technologies, in addition to the numerous advantages provided by them daily, we are faced with the ever-increasing threats to the security of cards and money. In order to enable you to use your payment cards without fear and with pleasure, Lovćen Bank has provided SMS service for all cardholders. Each of your transactions will be almost simultaneously accompanied by a message about the amount of funds spent and the available balance on the account after the purchase. This service will contribute to the security of your money and will allow you to spot, in a timely manner, possible attempts of unauthorized use of your card. If you receive a message about the transaction that you did not approve, you should immediately contact us to prevent further damage.

Lovćen Bank has prepared for you several useful tips for safe use of your payment cards at ATMs and POS terminals.



Cardholder is obliged to use the card safely, taking into account the following:
• Invalid card should be destroyed by cutting up in several parts;
• They should not lend to the card and keep it in the way they handle cash;
• When signing the slip, they should check the amount of the transaction and whether the card has been returned to the cardholder;
• Not to allow payment by card at the point of sale without their presence and supervision;
• Remember the personal identification number (PIN) or keep it separate from the card in a way that will prevent unauthorized use of the card by other persons;
• Cardholder must not communicate his/her PIN to other persons;
• Cardholder should cooperate with the merchant and/or the authorization center if they require the cardholder to identify himself/herself and confirm to have used the card;
• Card transaction when the cardholder is not personally present (Internet, catalog sales, etc.) significantly increases the risk of misuse;
• In case of 3 (three) incorrect PIN entries, the card will be automatically blocked, in which case the cardholder should contact the Bank for card de-blocking.
• At the conclusion of the transaction, the cardholder is obliged, at the request of the merchant, to present the identification document;
• When paying for goods and/or services, the cardholder enters the PIN at the POS terminal. The number of unsuccessful attempts of the PIN entering is limited to three, and then the card is automatically blocked. By entering the PIN, the cardholder authorizes/confirms the validity of the transaction;
• After conclusion of the transaction, the cardholder is obliged to keep the slip from the POS terminal and/or ATM (for possible complaints) and check the amount of the transaction on it;
• Cardholder must not conclude cashless transactions with the merchant in order to obtain cash.
• Cash is withdrawn by card in national currency of the country where the transaction is concluded;
• When withdrawing cash at an ATM or a counter POS terminal, the cardholder is identified by entering the PIN. The number of unsuccessful attempts of entering the PIN is limited to three. In case of the third incorrect entry, the ATM or the employee of the Bank shall keep the card;
• The Bank may set the daily or monthly limit of cash withdrawal for the cardholder;
• When using an ATM, be sure to cover the screen by your body while selecting options from the screen, and when entering the PIN, cover the keyboard on the ATM by your hand;
• When using ATMs, you need to pay attention to the place and people around you. If someone next to you looks suspicious or misbehaves, pushes you or watches what you do over your shoulder or the like, it is best to give up the transaction. Do not accept any help from anyone. If you are not sure how to use the ATM, contact the Bank's staff and we will provide you with all necessary information and instructions.
• If you notice anything suspicious about ATM (e.g. an additionally installed equipment), give up the transaction and immediately inform the nearest branch of the Bank or call us at +382 20 205 410.
• If the ATM does not return the card, immediately inform the nearest branch of the Bank or call us at +382 20 205 410.
• Report the theft or loss of the card immediately to the nearest branch of Lovćen Bank or by calling the number + 382 20 205 410.