Electronic banking

Given the fast pace of life and a large number of daily duties, it is often difficult to find time to go to the bank and wait in line to pay the bill. Therefore, electronic banking is an ideal way to quickly make financial transactions and save your time. LB electronic banking is intended for electronic payment transactions, disposing of funds and maintaining of the accounts with the Bank. In a very simple way you can check the balance on the accounts, settle obligations, transfer funds from one account to another, take copies of all accounts with the Bank, and other.


Key Features:

Fast and reliable way for payment transactions

Easy use of software

Service is intended for individuals who at Lovćen banka AD have a current or foreign currency account, savings or have a payment card.


E-banking tarif


In addition to this service, Lovćen banka AD made it possible for its clients to have an insight into the balances on their accounts via SMS, fax or e-mail notification. Using these services, you will receive information on inflows and outflows from your account in a manner that suits you best

For more details, please visit a local branch of Lovćen banka AD or make an appointment by phone on +382 20 205 410.