My Lovćen mBanking – Bank on your mobile phone 

With my Lovćen mBanking app on your mobile phone, your finances are with you, anytime, anywhere. 

At affordable fees and without waiting in line, by using my Lovćen mBanking, you easily, safely and quickly manage your funds, control your expenses and make transactions instantly.

My Lovćen mBanking, only for you, bank on your mobile phone.

Main advantages:

• the service is available 24 hours a day

• the service is available wherever you are, at home or abroad

• easy activation and use

• secure and fast access for complete control over your finances, thanks to the advanced security options built into this application

•  an overview of the balance of all accounts, savings and loans in the Bank

• free of charge activation

• no monthly fee for the first six months of using my Lovćen mBanking service



Service activation method

To use this service, you need:

-  Android mobile phone (version 5.0 and higher) or iOS operating system (9.0 and above),

- signing of the Application Form and the contract for service, use with an open transaction account,

You can activate my Lovćen mBanking service easily at any Lovćen Bank's branch.


Downloading the application

The very principle of downloading the application depends on the operating system of your mobile phone.


Android OS

You can download the Android OS app from the Google Play Marketplace:

iPhone OS

You can download the iPhone OS app through the Apple Store.

After installing my Lovćen mBanking application, it is necessary to start the application from the place at which it was previously recorded and enter the activation code that you received through the SMS. Upon successful activation of the service, you need to define in the application the PIN code that you will use in the future to access the mBanking service, after which the application is ready for use. The minimum PIN length is 4 (four) and the maximum is 8 (eight) digits.


You can get more information by e-mail: or by calling +382 20 205 410