Payment Cards

Lovćen banka AD cards can be used worldwide in almost 25 million retail outlets and at almost one million ATMs. Lovćen banka AD cards will allow you a simple and secure payment, along with numerous benefits and advantages. They offer a quick, cost-effective and efficient method of payment, providing you with comfort and safety, and will always be at your disposal. Internet purchases are also simple with Lovćen banka AD cards. Following the latest trends in online banking, we offer our customers the possibility to manage their finances themselves without coming to the Bank, and have full overview of completed transactions and available balance.
In accordance with your needs, choose one of the cards from the Mastercard palette, which we have designed for you:

This card  has contactless payment technology that enables carrying out of contactless transactions, thus making everyday purchases faster, easier and more simple with free of charge cash withdrawal at all our ATMs. 

The card will enable you to be approved a loan on revolving basis with minimum monthly  installment that you choose.


This gold card offers special benefits and represents an added value for regular clients of Lovćen banka AD and it is linked to a special credit account with defined credit limit. 

This is a card intended for persons who frequently travel, live a dynamic and rich social and cultural life.