Safety deposit boxes of Lovćen banka – for a carefree sleep!

The customers of the Bank have an opportunity to rent a safety deposit box in our branch office:

  • Podgorica, Bulevar Ivana Crnojevića 62/2 


There are classical safety deposit boxes at your disposal (three different sizes) in which you may preserve your valuables, documents and the like. Apart from exceptional safety, we guarantee maximum protection and discretion to our customers.


The procedure for renting a safety deposit box is simple – it is sufficient that you address to the Bank with a request for the rental of a safety deposit box, specifying desirable size and rental period. You are required to submit a valid identification document. As the user of the safe deposit box, you conclude a separate contract with the Bank, with detailed conditions for use, for the period that cannot be shorter than one month.


Safety deposit box may be used in person or via an authorized person. 


Safety deposit box may be rented by a domestic, foreign, natural or legal person.


Safety deposit box may be acceded every working day between 8 am and 4 pm.




Items that may endanger the security of other safety deposit boxes and premises of the Bank, as well as its employees (flammable items, explosives, items susceptible to breakdowns, and the like) are not allowed to be stored in a safety deposit box.


More information about the rental of a safety deposit box can be obtained via e-mail: or phone: +382 20 205 410.


The amount of fees for the rental of safety deposit box can be found in our Pricelist