Stambeni kredit

  • Rok otplate do 240 mjeseci
  • Grejs period do 12 mjeseci
  • Iznos kredita do 300.000 €
  • Brzo i jednostavno do kredita
  • Od 10.000€ do 300.000€
  • Rok otplate od 12 do 240 mjeseci
  • Fiksna nominalna kamatna stopa od 5,45% / Efektivna kamatna stopa od 5,65%
  • Varijabilna nominalna kamatna stopa od 4,45%+6M Euribor / Efektivna kamatna stopa od 4,60%
  • Naknada Banke: 0,5% - 2,0% od iznosa kredita

Interest rate

Favorable repayment terms and acceptable interest rates
from 4.45 %+6M euribor
from 5.45 %
*Note: Euribor corrections are made twice a year (January 1 and July 1). In the event of an increase in the Euribor, the amount of the monthly installment increases, as well as the total amount owed on the loan, which may affect the financial position of the user and his ability to repay the loan, while in the event of a decrease in the Euribor, the installment amount and will decrease.

Loan calculator

Calculate monthly installment amount
od 10,000 EUR do 300,000 EUR
12 mjeseci240mjeseci
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